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    Naturist or Nudist

    • What a pleasure to see you! What have you been doing since last summer?
    • I spent two intense weeks in Spain, and then I relaxed For one week on a naturist site here in Italy... -
    • A naturist site? Whats that? Is it a campsite immersed in nature, a piace with neither comFort nor technology?-
    • Er... No, you see... I mean a nudist site... -
    • Ah. I understand... From what you said, I thought you were a boy-scout! Ha Ha Ha... You 're always the same... -

    These Few phrases could resemble commonplace chat between a couple of friends who haven 't seen each other very often, but in reality the problem of understanding the meaning of NATURISM could be analysed under a perspective with semio-sociological implications.
    How on earth most of the time the Naturist is not recognized as such, and he has to pass himself off as a Nudist, though a pseudo-Naturist?

    Nowadays, culture recognizes the obscene nude (pornography), the commerciai nude (fashion) or the artistic nude, but unfortunately most of the time finds no use For a naturist nude. In some cases people dont even know what a naturist nude is, and what is the difference with a nudist nude.
    They seem word games, but the difference exists!
    Initially not even I could see it very well; moreover the first time I heard about Naturism I imagined things that could characterize a piace for Nudist followers.
    On the contrary I found something different my interest for Naturism has been growing with time and only now, more than three years after my first naturist experience can I say that I understand the spirit which characterises this lifestyle.Naturism is a philosophy: a different and deeply felt way of being; at least it should be.
    Naturism is a personal growth, different from person to person, an inner growth which purifies us from the limits of today s morals.
    On the contrary, Nudism could fall, and it often does, into a simple statement of our physical aspect while Naturism is of use and promotes the release from one s bodily burden.
    Better still, Naturism helps us to put into the background our physique and lets us live deeply and freely with our sensory emotions, with no concern for physical faults or social taboos.
    Disinformation about these aspects is rife. Often the Naturist is mixed up with the one who wanders around naked, so to speak, by his own choice and with no apparent reason.

    The Naturistms instead puts some spirituality in what he does: his experiences and the emotions which he lives help him to grow up.
    He quickly succeeds in feeling at peace with himself and with others. And I, Naturist, want to reach this target. It s important that I am not mistakenfor a Nudist and that others understand that also!

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