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    Hair removal

    There are certain customs that, though widespread in vast strata of the population, are not seen because they are not given the occasion to become manifest. I am referring in particular to hair removal, and when I say hair removal I am referring to pubic hair.
    It is not a new fashion, but a moderni ancient passion.
    In fact the Greeks, Egyptians and other populations from the Middle East practiced this custom, which to this day is stili widely practiced by Islamic peoples.
    Techniques for hair removal have survived to the present day on Egyptian papyruses from 3000 years ago. They consist of applying various compounds that help extirpate hair and prove the importance given to the attainment of smooth skin in the genital area.
    During the Roman Empire pubic hair and underarm hair were not only considered ugly but also associated with the idea dirtiness and bad odors. There were certain categories of servants specialized in hair removal who worked at the public baths; in patrician homes specialized slaves were hired to do the job.
    Hair was removed generally by applying various substances that were the precursors of the creams we use today. In the East, where hair removal was performed as a ritual, a mixture of arsenic trisuljìde and lime was used. In Egypt they used a compound containing honey and sugar. In Rome they used compresses of resin and hot pitch.
    According to the Jamous anthropologist Charles Darwin and writer Desmond Morris (The Naked Ape ) to the aesthetic sensitivity of man, the absence of hair is attractive and pleasant because it highlights the characteristics that distinguish him from his primate ancestors.
    Today Western people, thanks to naturism, are starting to free themselves of the taboos associated with nudity and are rediscovering the values of equality and the appreciation of the nude body.
    As a result, and in the wake of the example  given by the peoples of northern Europe, hair removal is starting to appear on our beaches and resorts as a message.
    After all, when underarm hair started to be appear in public in the civilized world. women quickly learned to eliminate that which was considered unpleasant to look at, and they stili remove that hair today.
    Now that the pubis is starting to be exposed, at least among naturists, this custom is spreading more and more in our environments. The interpretation of this message is clear: we want to be as nude as possible and at the same time enjoy a sensation of freshness and cleanliness.
    Today it is commonfor men to shave their heads and almost all women shave their underarms. So there is no reason why they should not shave their pubic hair. There are many reasons for making this choice. I will list some of them and if our readers recognize one and identify with it, they will know it is shared by others.
    Some women want to Jree themselves of the veil that hides their genitals, thereby making these seem unworthy of exposure to the light of the Sun while male genitals are Jully exposed.
    Another reason some people shave is purely for the sake of hygiene. The presence of a bush of hair in the groin area Javors undesired bacterial growth that would not so easily occur on a smooth substratum.
    Consequently, eliminating a factor of stagnation undoubtedly has positive effects on one's health, especially today when these phenomena,
    along with mycosis, are also widespread due to the presence of synthetic underwear and the use of elasticized pants that create an impenetrable filter for many hours of the day between the skin and the outside environment.
    Last but not least, we should take into consideration the esthetic pleasure felt by our partners when we remo ve our pubic hair. After shaving, this object of desire becomes quite appealing, in an Hextremely nude.
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