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    Naturism in Italy: a few big baby steps

    Even the summer which has just ended witnessed important little big steps for the growth of naturism in Italy.
    Far behind the rest of Europe, where the practice of naturism is so widespread that il has become an integrai part of the culture, Italy is timidly starting to confront this topic.
    Some important events, organized by the associations or the Federation, have given the press and TV numerous occasions to speak correctly about naturism.
     More attention has also been given, especially by certa in associations, to relations with the local institutions as well collaborations on joint initiatives with environmental associations.
     There seems to have been an increase in the number of Italian and foreign presences in the seven Italian naturist facilities.
     Moreover, new phenomena seem to be appearing on the sparsely populated scenario of naturist hospitality in Italy.
    This is the case of the charming vacation farm Terranera (GR) that this year launched a collaborative relationship with the UNI Lazio. Open exclusively to naturists who belong to the International Naturists Federation, it had a really big turn out.
    Nonetheless, this summer was not immune to negative episodes. Deplorable repressive actions were committed against naturists on some beaches of our lovely country by bigoted mayors and excessively zealous law enforcement squads.
    Especially in certain areas of northern Italy, unfortunately and anachronistically, there were a record number of raids involving numerous charges against people sunbathing without veils in secluded areas traditionally frequented by naturists.
    These interventions were sometimes -induced- byambiguous attendances, and unfortunately everyone was put into one big pot: naturists along with other people who have nothing to do with naturism but whose invasiveness should be rightly repressed.
    The party deJeated in this situation is always the naturists, whose practice is unfortunately considered an -act against public decency- by a backward interpretation of the antiquated Rocco code.
    None the less awareness of the need for a national law that would finally put an end to the absurd persecutions committed by full-blooded Italians against naturists is having a hard time coming, sometimes even amongst naturists themselves.
    Naturists are acknowledged everywhere in Europe and in most of the world as quality tourists who are respectful of their neighbors and the natural environment. They are certainly not compared to delinquents - they are accommodated and have their needs met.
    Until naturism becomes an assured and inalienable right in Italy, completely removed from the articles of the criminal code which should only deal with practices or behaviors that have nothing in common with nudism), people will continue to deny its real growth and expansion.
    Our country will continue to repress, with immense hypocrisy, the culture of nudity as a beneficial expression of inner human individuality, the harmonious relationship between body and mind, as well as a direct contact with the natural elements in collective relationships that are free of tension and conflict imposed by artificial Forms of competition.
    In some cases it seems that even today it is possible, as in the a forementioned condition, to create happy islands in a truly naturist climate.
    This occurs especially thanks to the effort of the associations and a tacit agreement with the local administrations. An excellent example of this is the beach at Nido dell'Aquila in San Vincenzo (GR). On the contrary, a horrible example is the first official Italian beach in Capocotta (RM) where hypocrisy prevails and the image of naturism is deJeated and radically turned on its head.
    Therefore we must finally succeed in finding solutions that are concrete, longlasting and, most importantly, univocal for the entire national territory.
    For this type of change, which will also open doors to graduai cultural change, Italy needs a nationallaw that is carefully designed and accepted by everyone, naturists and non-naturists alike, as a -fair- law that guarantees a right which till now has been denied without good reason.
    In this context the Grillini Bill should be read with utmost enthusiasm and it should be supported fearlessly.
    It is the only bill that has ever been presented to the Chamber that clearly and unmistakably deals with the absolute non-punishability of nudity practiced by naturists on beaches destined For that purpose and frequented by them regularly.
    The nudity of a naturist will no longer be considered by anyone or in any case as an act against public decency, and this has been declared repeatedly by the Court of Cassation in its sentences.
    However, these court decisions have not prevented charges or fines from being injlicted on naturists.
    Without mystery, without sin and without being Forced to break rules, the practice of naturism will undoubtedly lose the morbid attraction of certain ambiguous individuals, certain organs of the press, and titillating television programs. Finally even the thousands of Italian families who have to go abroad to practice naturism during their summer
    In the book Breve storia del naturismo nei paesi di lingua tedesca (Brief History of Naturism in German-speaking countries), by Daniele Agnoli (Naturism -, November 1996) we read that Karl Wilhelm Die Fenbach, considered the first naturist, was vegetariano so were Heinrich Pudor, Richard Ungewitter, Werner Zimmerman, Eduard Fankhauser-Waldkirch. In the vacation resort Die Neue Zeit on Lake Neuchdtel, Jounded in 1961 by Elsi F ankhauser- Waldkirch, Eduard and Werner Fankhausen and managed by the Organisation Naturiste Suisse, meat was strictly forbidden.
    It is a shame that many naturists of today do not Joltow the teachings of their predecessors! Nonetheless, vegetarianism is spreading more and more in society in general, at least in Italy. In fact in Italy there are 3 million vegetarians, in other words approximately 5% of the population.
    There are at least three different reasons for being a vegetariano the consumption of meat causes animals to be kilted and they also suffer due to the inappropriate detention conditions they live in (for example, a hen raised in a battery has a space not much larger than an A4 sheet of paper).
    Moreover, meat causes many diseases, especialty tumors, and produces cardio-circulatory conditions that are among the most common causes of death in our world today.
    According to the World Health Organization a vegetarian diet makes il possible to prevent up to 33% cases of lung cancer, 75% cases of stomach cancer, 50% cases of breast cancer, 75% cases of colon and rectal cancer and up to 50% cases of cancer of the mouth and the pharynx.
    Finally, meat eating a big waste oJ resources. In fact if a field oJ 10 hectares grows enough grain to Jeed 20 people, the same amount of grain fed to beef cattle that are later eaten by humans who eat only meat, the same field will be sufficient for only two people.
    In a world that is evermore crowded, how do we plan to feed alt of humanity if we do not stop this immense waste of nearly half of our crops for feeding rich people?
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