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    Vegetarianism and Naturism

    Vegetarianism appeared in the naturist movement right from the start.
    In the book Breve storia del naturismo nei paesi di lingua tedesca (BrieJ History of Naturism in German-speaking countries), by Daniele Agnoli (Naturism ", November 1996).
    We read that Karl Wilhelm Die Fenbach, considered the first naturist, was vegetariano so were Heinrich Pudor, Richard Ungewitter, Werner Zimmerman, Eduard Fankhauser-Waldkirch. In the vacation resort Die Neue Zeit on Lake Neuchdtel, Jounded in 1961 by Elsi F ankhauser- Waldkirch, Eduard and Werner Fankhausen and managed by the Organisation Naturiste Suisse, meat was strictly forbidden.
    It is a shame that many naturists of today do not Joltow the teachings of their predecessors! Nonetheless, vegetarianism is spreading more and more in society in general, at least in Italy.
    In fact in Italy there are 3 million vegetarians, in other words approximately 5% of the population. There are at least three different reasons for being a vegetariano the consumption of meat causes animals to be kilted and they also suffer due to the inappropriate detention conditions they live in (for example, a hen raised in a battery has a space not much larger than an A4 sheet of paper).
    Moreover, meat causes many diseases, especialty tumors, and produces cardio-circulatory conditions that are among the most common causes of death in our world today. According to the World Health Organization a vegetarian diet makes il possible to prevent up to 33% cases of lung cancer, 75% cases of stomach cancer, 50% cases of breast cancer, 75% cases of colon and rectal cancer and up to 50% cases of cancer of the mouth and the pharynx.
    Finally, meat eating a big waste oJ resources. In fact if a field oJ 10 hectares grows enough grain to Jeed 20 people, the same amount of grain fed to beef cattle that are later eaten by humans who eat only meat, the same field will be sufficient for only two people. In a world that is evermore crowded, how do we plan to feed alt of humanity if we do not stop this immense waste of nearly half of our crops for feeding rich people?
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