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    “With nudity I find not only the body I have (under my clothes) but the body I am”. These are the words of Paul Minelli regarding the practice of nudity professed by naturism as a premise and condition needed to recuperate our psychophysical identity in the natural diversity of its sexual traits.
    In the history of humanity the fear of sexual difference, which has always seen the female body and the male body as enemies, is reduced to its least common denominator thanks to the mixed cohabitation of individuals in the state of nudity.
    “Seeing the human body naked must be considered in the civil progress of humanity, and not a regression as some critics consider it, and that is why”, as stated in the magazine “Naturismo” a while back, “Nudity has the power to temper our instincts”. So, in this introduction we would like to comment on a documentary recently shown by the Italian National Broadcasting Company RAI 1 about the Poturu, a native tribe of the Brazilian Amazon.
    We were impressed by the naturalness with which they live their condition of absolute nudity.","Their nudity struck us (as did that of the Combai who even demand that the members of the scientific traditions take off their clothes) because of the extreme naturalness with which they “wear it”.
    Even the nudity of the Combai was natural, but that of the Poturu is so absolute (the women even have depilated their pubic hair), disarming (they smiled at the telecamera), simple (not mediated by frills, jewels or tattoos), beautiful (they all have stunning bodies and none of them has a fat belly), natural (because they were born that way and have stayed that way probably since the beginning of time).
    The only concession or exception to this absolute nudity is the hole pierced into their lower lip where they put a short hollow reed. The men tie their penis with a lace to prevent undesired erections. This is not due to any sexual modesty but because they have to concentrate on the preeminent activities needed for their survival. To defend themselves from insect bites they oil their bodies with a red substance obtained from the seeds of a plant.
    With this red substance all over their bodies they are even more beautiful, especially the women who are tall and slender. So, what does the natural nudity of the Poturu have in common with that of naturists? It’s simple. Naturist nudity is natural just like that of the indigenous tribes, if not even more. And we will explain the reason
    for our pseudo provocation: naturists do not pierce their lower lips to insert a stick and they don’t tie up their penis with a lace to avoid undesired erections. Naturists simply get naked period, depilated or with all their bodyhair.
    The nudity of naturists is truly natural because they have understood that nudity, without mediations, is identified with nature. And this by the fact that naturists understand the cultural meaning of their action which is not only to get a tan on their entire bodies or refuse the conventions of a route to deformed by the misguided conception of a common sense of modesty but is that of regaining our corporality. Nudity reestablished as the convergence between nature and culture, i.e. between humans, or part of nature, and culture which is the product of human intelligence.
    This ontological drift (ontology is the part of philosophy that studies being in and of itself) has generated a split between nature and culture: only naturist nudity allows this conflict to be solved and therefore the convergence into one of the two concepts. In fact it is clear that hiding the body means repressing nature and our civilization has done it, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes blamefully aware to obey ethical, religious, philosophical codes designed by a culture that denies nature.
    It is a highly philosophical matter we are talking about here but we must be able to state that culturally nudity means awareness of one’s unity (there being no separation of the genitals as occurs when wearing a bathing suit), aware of the space-time dimensions which conditioned our existence: “nudity is indispensable as a synonym of nature to perceive and understand the unity of being and being born.
    The etymology of the word nascor is none other than being born. Existing is the awareness of being born. And therefore, practicing naturist nudity and the vision of nudity become cultural, educational, constructive and healthy … healthy because four naturists else is the global concept that regards the body and psyche. Health is not being disturbed by the view of another person’s sex or being ashamed of your own body. Health means not being excited sexually by merely saying someone else’s sex… (from the “Naturismo”, article “Nudity and Existence”).
    Another value of nudity is cathartic because, as the term indicates, nudity allows us to purify our relation with a culture that has alienated the body from its heart.
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