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    Nature and Nudism: One Dimension

    “Nature is so generous when we take care of it”: these are the words of a middle school student who wrote a composition after visiting a farm.
    She was astonished by how many fruits she was able to pick from just one tree. She later wrote in reference to that same prodigious nature “But its anger is equally terrible when we try to subjugate it and lack respect”.
    We often hear talk of the nature dimension, i.e. a dimension of nature and the relationship between nature and human activities (what humans do for survival).
    However we hardly ever have the right perception of nature. Everyone knows that at some point in the past human life was in equilibrium with the products of nature. On the contrary, modern humans, possibly at the peak of our growth and unstoppable evolution, have upset this equilibrium.
    Our tumultuous development does not respect the parameters of Nature. One hears the conversations of common people only to this particular dimension is, with the
    exception of the experts. Consequently in our articles we always make the effort to fill this gap with a small contribution.
    The word -dimension- derives from the Latin diménsus and it means to measure each part. Therefore when we speak of the dimensions of a body, we are referring to
    its height, length and width. Obviously Nature is not a dimension that can be measured with a yardstick, unless we intend to measure our entire planet, which
    has already been measured to millimetric precision.","Nature, that which we commonly refer to (Mother Nature), is a dimension whose reference values underlie certain parameters: the amount of goods produced, the recycling of waste materials, the death and regeneration of living organisms, etc.
    But these parameters have been blasted out of proportion because the fragile equilibrium between humans and the environment has been split due to two epochal
    revolutions: the industrial and the technological. These changed our relationship with nature and had devastating effects on human beings and Nature alike. In other words on they have affected the Great Mother who feeds us and who -is capable of such generosity when we take care of her”, like the middle school student wrote. At this point the assumption seems clear: the human dimension and the natural dimension are on a collision course because humans have overestimated themselves and in overrating their capabilities they have denied the principle of humility.
    Naturism has reintroduced humility into our culture through the practice of nudity to remedy this deficit. Nudism, as we have written a thousand times, shows human beings their fragility and at the same time their amazing greatness. It puts our feet back on the ground and rescales our belief that we are superior to Nature.
    in her superb book Naturismo La vita come conquista (Naturism Life as a Conquest) Ada Coppi Ranieri (wife of the late Claudio Ranieri, another great Italian naturist and one of the few woman authors on the subject of naturism) has placed the accent on the fact that today people talk so much about nature but often superficially, for commercial reasons.
    This conditions the development and evolution of our philosophy. The advertising slogans of our time (conceived by so-called creatives) use this line of reasoning: “What is good for the market is good for culture and consequently is good for nature”.
    In this context the naturist philosophy is obvious: not domination over nature but respect for its dimension consisting of immutable laws that have existed ever since the beginning of time; not uprooting the Great Mother, as modern man has done, but reintroducing the human dimension into the context of the nature dimension with awareness and practicality but without dreaming an improbable, useless and counterproductive return to the past.
    This is an education issue, as Coppi Ranieri points out, not to be confused with pure and simple information which is something entirely different: “Education should not be confused with information. Today plenty of people are informed but few are educated. One can be informed without being cultured”.
    It has been said and written that naturism is knowledge of nature, of one's body and psyche. We have always said this and continue to say it: unless you actually practice nudism, it is difficult to achieve this knowledge, perhaps even impossible.
    We are convinced of this in spite of current thought in the fabric world that refuses to acknowledge practice of nudism for various reasons: One reason, they say, is that it is unnecessary.
    They say a thong would attenuate the -brutality- of the genitals and you would get the same benefits as total nudity; they say it's unhygienic and a bathing suit would protect the genitals from infections (this is absolutely untrue!); they say it is not in step with our common sense of modesty (but they do not take into account the variability of this opinion in different cultures and times); it does not restrain sexual impulses, especially in males (this is a glaring demonstration of the confusion between the impulse and feelings of sexual shame); it is not suitable for children because they might be traumatized by seeing the genitalia of adults (this statement is made by people who have never been to a naturist site where children play unpretentiously, unbothered by their own nudity or that of adults).
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