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    Ways of Naturism

    There are naturists who belong to associations, others who frequent outdoor areas (beaches, riverbanks, mountain hiking trails, etc.), and still others who are patrons of profitmaking facilities.
    The frequenters of outdoor places and patrons of profit-making facilities may be excellent naturists, but they are not very useful to our cause because they remain outside our associations and feel no need to adhere to a naturist statute and hold a membership card as a sign of commitment.
    Perhaps those who have always frequented beaches or sites without fences might think that joining the movement is useless. Indeed the thought of joining an association might even scare them.
    The patrons of profit-making facilities in the summer, not being required to show a card to enter, are glad to save money and perhaps think that joining would only benefit the association and not them.
    In any case, we are all naturists and consider ourselves more than just nudists: we love nature, we respect our bodies and respect other people (character traits aside); but the choice of nudity is the essence of naturism. Let’s forget about the nudists who use us, who frequent our areas but are incapable of making the extra effort to learn about and understand the content of our movement which is a healthy, family-based, educational and natural endeavor.
    They do not make the least effort: they remain nudists and do not wish to go beyond that. So let's stay in our group of naturists. If we only consider organized naturists, i.e. those who belong to an association, there are precious few to maintain an associative structure.
    Today in fact the Italian organization depends on volunteer workers. When an association expands its activities and enters the outside world, its requirements increase and consequently its costs increase too. It is understandable that since the cost of membership is low we must count on the greater numbers of members to pay for the maintenance and growth of the organization.
    So, what is missing in our associations is the membership of spontaneous naturists and patrons of profit-making facilities; we get nudists but they come and go because, since they are lacking the naturist ethic and are merely utilitarian, our lifestyle does not satisfy them. There has always been a high turnover in our associations.
    What can we do about it!?
    There is also the possibility of joining forces with associations whose goals are similar to ours. However when the stipulation of living nude in a community comes up, the partnership rarely works. Naturists have made a choice that perfectly matches that of people who love nature, healthy living, and the beauty of living well... but not collective nudity.
    It would seem, by what we tell the people we are asking to join our associations, that multitudes should be entering our gates. In fact we tell them enthusiastically about our experiences, about how wonderful it is and how good you feel at our sites.
    The tranquility you find there, pleasant people, easy dialogue. There is no noise and it is nice to walk nude along the beach and swim. You feel a physical sensation of freedom. It is fun to play volleyball or ping pong in the sun without clothes…. and so on.
    Over the years, since the 1960s, the naturist/nudist choice has been made by many people. In the summer it is very widespread; naturism is now accepted and is becoming more tolerated, but associations must still work to grow and continue to spread their message while keeping an eye on the ethics of our movement.So they need to be supported.
    But how? It would be sufficient if each member brought a new member to their association. Then, even if only 10% of the free naturists and hotel patrons joined, we would have enough of an increase to significantly accelerate our growth in Italy. So come on! Join our associations and bring a friend to support the growth of naturism!
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