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    The unacceptance of normality

    We feel it is essential to discuss the idea of normality in a world where being -normal- seems to have become a defect and not a merit. It seems our culture is no longer capable of accepting normality.
    Everyone is supposed to be beautiful, it is almost compulsory, even when nature has not been so generous with us.
    This refers mostly to girls and women in general (but it is now starting to affect men too) whose model of beauty is that of soubrettes, coquettish veline, TV show assistants and actresses.
    The television concocts unquestionable Playboy style doll-models, enveloped in a type kind of beauty that is almost aseptic, and sets them loose on the market in industrial quantities.
    This mass media offer of super beauties makes us forget, especially us men (but also some women who are influenced by it) what normal women are really like.
    And as though that were not enough, fashion makes it worse by telling us that being skinny is -attractive-. Everybody has to be slim at all costs, like the fashion models in a size 38 presented on the runways wearing garments that are unlikely and unactionable products of the fashion industry which has made irrationality its creed.
    And the price they pay, we all know, is anorexia.
    Sometimes it even affects men who are persuaded to identify with a model of beauty that has little to do with reality, i.e. tall and handsome with muscles sculpted obsessively by hours and hours of workouts at the gym every day, supplemented by the use and abuse of anabolizing steroids. I would like to know where these males find the time to work.
    The mass media conditions people to such a point that they, being unable to mold their bodies by the above-mentioned methods, often resort to cosmetic surgery which has become the unrivaled ‘owner’ of our times and turned the concept of normality upside down. It even rejects the genetic standards of any given race.","Not long ago in the Far East a contest was to award the most re-done beauty contestant. The winner was a contestant who had redone her eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones,
    glutes, etc. and had undergone a total of 28 surgeries. Another contest held in the Far East was more specific: the contestants were supposed to set out to make the shape of their eyes and face appear as Western as possible.
    The winner was a Chinese girl who looked like a porcelain doll, neither Oriental nor Occidental. But that's not all: short girls subject themselves to risky and extremely painful procedures to lengthen their legs.
    This happens in China, Japan and also in Europe. Recently a Swiss girl risked her life to lengthen her legs. Even she – whom nature had endowed with a height of 1.70 m, (not short for woman) – wanted to be taller. In other words she no longer wanted to be normal but taller than normal, exactly like the fashion models and TV models who tower over the rest of us, at a height of at least 1.85 m, increased by the use of super high stiletto heels.
    In short, our civilization seems to have lost its perception of the normality of a physical person, of their belonging to a given race, of their existing in the world. They have even forgotten the meaning of the word -normal- which, we would like to point out, derives from -norm- meaning “conforming to a rule or the usual trend of a given process-. Translated into everyday language it means ordinary, usual, etc. The hundreds of women we see when we take a walk in our cities or at shopping centers are ordinary, usual, of average beauty. We are talking about normal women who may be more or less attractive, some are definitely beautiful and others, though rare, are dropdead gorgeous.
    So beauty, the beauty proposed by the mass media, is a rare gift and the few women graced with it usually become models, fashion models or actresses. The problem is that the world of show business groups them all together on TV and proposes an inaccessible paradigm for the overwhelming majority of women, making men forget that the average beauty of normal women is something entirely different. The condition of normality is something that conforms to the -norms- established genetically
    by nature for a given person, just as their height, the color of their eyes and hair.
    This also applies to the various races and to all living beings. So the concept of -normal-, analyzed and explained in psychology by the studies of Jung, Fromm and Laing, is relative and subject to the variables of nature and, as such, are accepted. This is where the naturist idea comes in: its cultural principle of respecting all persons is the epitome of accepting normality. In the textile world, the masses are misguided by a widespread opinion that dressed people are normal. Naturism, on the contrary, poses the question of what is normal, and which people are normal.
    The answer it gives is completely different from that of the masses: the normal people are undoubtedly the nude ones because nudity is natural. In fact, if we consider the fashion industry, which uses artifice and deceit, it becomes even clearer how the naturalness of humans is conditioned because of the innate power of seduction used by women to relate to men. Men are raised on the sexual allusions of certain types of clothing (in some cases definitely sexy). However the effect of the fashion world, which offers women an enormous opportunity to turn her body into a treasure, skips natural nudity by elevating male desire to the maximum, resulting in a male who is usually frustrated and repressed due to visual deprivation of a woman's nude body.
    This helps us understand why naturism considers the anxiousness to cover up one's body as neurotic behavior. We would like to make reference to Alfred Adler, a pilaster of depth psychology, who studied the feeling of inferiority felt by men. This feeling of inferiority is induced not only by historical and social conditions.
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