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    Did you have a good naturist vacation?

    Did you have a good naturist vacation? I guess so. Where? In magnificent Corsica, on the French Atlantic coast, in Spain, in Croatia, in Crete or the beaches of Greece, Florida, the Caribbean and Italian resorts?
    You will certainly have noticed how our naturist world has changed and many of us have also changed. We have become vacationers who are seeking all amenities.
    Do you remember when we would take off with our tent and head for places that were often off the beaten path, some of them even primordial.
    But they were just for us, the naturists. We sought vacations at naturist sites and we knew we would be spending our time with like-minded people, even those of different nationalities.
    Today naturist sites are clearly better equipped but they are often frequented by people who use the space like clients. Until a few years ago, if you did not have a membership card, you could not get in.
    Today at many of our sites, “high-quality” sites offering all sorts of comforts, you can get in easily without a card. Do you remember when association leaders used to distribute information about our cause as though it were a conquest? Well it was an own goal.
    After all, what are associations for if membership cards are no longer needed to get into the sites listed in the INF Naturist Guidebook or the sites of the Naturist Federations?
    They are necessary anyway because the people who have a card have approved the naturist memorandum of association that undertakes the ethics of the movement, a significant action against all the deviant conduct occurring near our world.
    Moreover, with the card you are treated with higher regard. Let’s go back to the summer that just ended.
    Now don’t go telling me that during this vacation you did not see certain people dressed to varying degrees. If you didn’t, you were lucky.
    Who were they: were they people training to be naturists? Were they just distracted?
    Perhaps they were going to take off their clothes after a few days. The fact is: they were paying customers, so be patient please! A few years ago nobody would have dared keep their clothes on, not even for a minute. Having the card was a commitment to go along with naturist ways.
    They say we have to be patient; is this a gimmick to get more customers? No card, open doors, great business!?
    Certainly there is hope that the new guests will be encouraged to join our way of life, but many of them will continue to just satisfy their curiosity.
    If nudity were accepted by society, associations would be necessary only for the real believers who want to share their ideas and support them, like in the clubs frequented all year round by members who have signed a naturist memorandum of association. You certainly will have noticed many single men at the sites.
    This might lead one to believe that it is the sign of a new lifestyle, i.e. being single and unmarried or in an open couple without constraints and even shared couples. There is a disproportionate increase in the number of single men coming to our centers.
    But if they were turned away, it might be considered an act of discrimination, which would go against our bylaws.
    How can we figure out if they all have a naturist spark?
    The world is changing, indeed, and I hope that as you read this you are not wondering what the current state of progress of the national law on naturism in Italy is. Nothing has changed. Decades ago it was still possible for a group of volunteers to establish a club on a remote piece of land and for the most part affordable. Today you need large investments.
    Who wants to invest today in Italy in a naturist business? If you look at the French or Croatian or Spanish success stories, you might have some hope. Even a town administration that passes an ordinance to reserve a beach for naturism must plan investments to build the services and then grant a stretch of beach in concession to a private enterprise. We can only hope, especially to support our cause, to be able to vacation in Italy.
    You might say there are too few resorts…. but if we help them, they will develop. We are way behind France, Spain, and Croatia ….but since we are getting a late start, we can copy their model. In the meantime we will just have to wait till next summer comes around.
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