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    The 45th and 40th anniversary of UNI and Naturist site Le Betulle

    The adventure, the passion for naturism began in the 1950s for those who would later become the founders of the UNI. Tom was telling me that to reach the LULU LE CORSAIRE ferryboat for Ile du Levant early he used to leave his hometown BRA in the middle of the night with his friend GIULIO PIANA.
    Piana later became the owner of the BORINGHIERI beer parlor in piazza Adriano and when he closed to retire he donated all the historical furnishings to the Club Le Betulle. He wanted to help the club grow, much like the other early members did.
    They brought all kinds of things from their homes that they thought might be useful to equip the facility. After IIe du Levant, Corsica was the next experience of the group that founded the UNI. In VILLATA the Operti, the Monge, the Piodi, the Scalmandrè, the Racanelli took the decision and founded the UNI (Unione Naturisti Italiani) in 1964.
    The location they chose was ZÜRICH and the first president was Renè Kiellingher, the then-president of the INF. Zurich was chosen as the location because naturism was only just starting in Italy. In 1965 I met Tom who sent me for my first naturist experience in Ile du Levant.
    When I returned I joined the UNI and my naturist adventure started. I returned with Luisa to the Ile du Levant and we also went several times to Club Les Amis du Soleil of Nice in the environs of the Observatory. But Tom had a dream, which became the dream of all of us: to have a naturist site in Italy near home.
    Tom's passion was joined to that of Guido Ragazzi and his family… and Tom even succeeded in dragging my mother into the adventure.
    We searched the surroundings of Turin with a fine toothcomb; one day the miracle happened: we found a piece of land in La Cassa. Guido and Tom were the promoters and I followed them. Many of Tom's friends helped in the initiative: The Monge, the Piodi, the Cacciutolo, the Garzena.
    Every morning Tom went to the field to work on building the fence of the first 10,000 m² before going to work.","Meanwhile he met the first inhabitants of La Cassa, Giordanino, (the Knight of Vittorio Veneto), Rolle (the owner of the kiosk which is now the CAMPANA restaurant), Walter and Valentina Bussone, Elidio Zampese, Gianni Fiora TOM's charisma manifested itself in every way.
    When the fence was finished, we started to live and work nude. The enchantment of our privacy was broken one day when Ottavio Rolle camecloser to Tom and in a low voice and a mysterious manner said to him: “You know, Doctor, that in the village they are saying you guys are nude!?” “It's true, we are”, said Tom. The Le Betulle Naturist Club was born.
    The UNI and Le Betulle have lived since then in perfect symbiosis.
    It is impossible to even imagine them separated! One day a white car “CORTINA” stopped at the gate. It was Vincenzo, who, after having seen this environment, accompanied Maria. For many years they were the loadbearing columns of le Betulle; they dealt with drawbacks and problems while maintaining a disarming serenity.
    Their little son Manuel grew up here with them. The untiring Vincenzo started building the facility right from the first day. The first swimming pool was a hole in the ground. The impermeable soil contained the water. One night Luciano Gallo went out of his camper to pee. It was dark and he fell into the pool.
    We decided to fence it in! And TOM's passion kept burning; his incredible energy opened national borders and he started organizing international events, including the Second International Petanque Tournament, two Interfederation Gatherings and in 1981 the Swimming Gala at Colletta.
    A great friend of his, the Dutch president of the INF, BART VAINBERG, sent the first Dutch friends to the club. These were people who year after year, with our Belgian friends, sustained the growth of LE BETULLE CLUB. Tom was elected Vice President of the INF. Thanks to his passion and foresight, today Le Betulle is known all over the naturist world.
    We give special thanks to all the administrations of La Cassa that have succeeded each other since then; they have always been benevolent towards us and all the naturists who come here.
    Today we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Club and the 45th anniversary of the UNI. As I said earlier, these two have always been and continue to be inseparable. While the Club grew, the membership of the UNI also grew with the help of the Club and the Friday evenings at the AMERICAN on Corso Trapani in Turin. In 1969 the UNI was moved back to Italy from Zürich and in Turin it was registered by a notary deed written by the notary CALLIGARIS.
    The first location was via Buniva and then via Guicciardini. From via Guicciardini where Angelo and Beatrice Fiore came unfailingly to every Wednesday night meeting, it was moved to via Berthollet and then to the prestigious Galleria Subalpina.
    We would like to point out that the UNI BOLLETTINO accompanied us on our journey and inspired us with a sense of unity. After 27 years of exchange and solidarity between the associations that had gradually sprung up throughout Italy, UNI Lazio and UNI coordinated and put together the statute of the FENAIT at the office of notary DE FRANCIS of ROME.
    Along with the other associations UNI is pursuing approval of the law for the recognition of naturism. The UNI started spreading its news with the Bollettino and then it published INFO Naturista the magazine that, through the FENAIT, sustains and promotes Italian naturism in Italy and abroad through the 30 federations that belong to the INF.
    federations that belong to the INF. But it was the seed planted by TOM that joined the UNI to Betulle and continues to bear fruit: Since 1997 he promoted an INF Interfederation Convention, two INF petanque tournaments, an INF Swimming Gala and, lastly, a gathering of young European naturists.
    In 2001 he arranged a parliamentary hearing with the Commission of Social Affairs for the Bill and in 2005 he organized the Naturism Convent
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