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    Leuchtemburg: our little paradise

    It is like a "collective garden" of our homes, a piace nestled in an environment consisting of vineyards sloping down towards Lake Caldaro and large expanses of apple orchards.
    The place exudes a sense of jreedom, relaxation and the pleasure of spending time together. Some members frequent it mostly at the weekends; they spend Saturday and Sunday there. Others go during the week, perhaps after work to spend a jew hours outdoors in the sun.
    This is the Club Leuchtenburg, the nudist camp for the people of Alto Adige and Trentino, a piece of land of approximately one hectare surjace area, jenced in and luxuriant, south of Lake Caldaro.
    It has existed for nearly 30 years, created on March 1st 1975 thanks to the commitment and effort of a group of people who believed in the values of naturism of the German world and the Italian world and created the ANAA SFKK, the Naturists' Association of Alto Adige-Suedtiroler Freikoerperkultur, an autonomous association. Among them was the untiring and late pro-moter of naturist ideas Vicki (Vittorio Emilio Sperandio), Woljram, Sperling, Luise Tratter, and Daniele Agnoli.
    They decided to call il Club Leuchtenburg (Castelchiaro) named after the rock overlooking it from the hill that separates Adige Valley from the Lake Caldaro basin. Then there were 71 members, today there are about 100.
    The naturism Club Leuchtenburg mostly consists families and consequently the lacilities and organization of the camp are basic but lunctional to these needs.
    Since it is situated amidst the fruit orchards, there is no electricity, but it has a nifty unique system lor heating water lor the showers: a tank water in the shape a mushroom is placed above the chimney stack that heats the water. The water is also heated by the sun.
    There's a small stone house with a pergola and many wooden tables, everything you need lor cooking, and a wooden dressing room. This will allow us to host the friends of the Uniombardia-Anita next September 21st lor a barbecue at the camp at the end the naturist week Andalo in the province of Trento.
    In one corner the camp various members tend to small vegetable gardens where they grow just about everything.
    The result a wager made by Giuseppe, this year Natalino's garden grew red hot peppers.
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