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    Naturist Club Parco del Gargano

    The first time I went to the campsite of the Parco del Gargano my daughter Giulia was little more than five months old. It was in August of 1997.
    I remember how I immediately appreciated the beauty and naturalness of the pIace. I also appreciated Carmine's idea, the man who was able to create from that vacant spot the naturist faci/ity which stili today represents a splendid opportunity for ali Italian and European naturists. Over the years l've gone back at least three or four times and l've always found that pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, just like the first time.
    Then, unfortunately, Carmine lett us and was followed by Lalla, his companion. The location underwent truly difficult moments in the hands of their chi/dren who did not feel capable of continuing the business. So when it was time to decide to sell the land, the naturist world trembled. Carmine's idea, and the land which had become the point of reference of many naturists, ran the risk of disappearing into thin air. Fortunately things went differently. Atter more than two years of being a closed and abandoned campsite, Titino and Maria stepped forward: these are the brother and sister who courageously and enthusiastically purchased the land.
    This was a tuming point because their intention, and not only theirs, was to proceed with Carmine's dream. They started to work right away and within a few months they were able to restore dignity to a dying land. They started restoring the paths, the road, the swimming pool and the bathrooms. I don't know exact/y what they found there, but I can imagine.
    What I certainly do know is what I found there on my recent visit, in the company of Gianfranco Ribolzi and his wife Luisa. I found a very welcoming naturist land, cared for in every minimum detai/ and managed with passion.
    They have big projects, in other words theyare able to gaze toward the future without distorting the originaI idea. N',aria is an extraordinary woman, full of vitality and zest that she puts into everything she does. The facility has been open since Easter and has requested to be affi/iated with the FENAIT, so it can welcome ali naturists who carry a card issued by associations recognized by the INF.
    Besides numerous plots for tents, campers and caravans - all having electrical connections - the facility also offers the possibi/ity to rent caravans complete with accessories or you can stay in two mini bungalows (each having the capacity of two persons) made of masonry).
    The position of the splendid swimming poli has remained unchanged, a strong point and a gathering pIace for the entire naturist site. For the upcoming summer season they have planned theme-related evenings with music for adults and children.
    The expert equestrians can go trekking on horseback and for the children there will be a pony with an escort. The children will have a playground and can leam the techniques of drawing and painting. In July and August it will be possible, by reservation, to saver excellent food in a buffet prepared by Maria for breakfast and dinner.
    These foods are prepared with absolutely natural methods: extra-virgin olive oil, different types of homemade preserves, liqueur with a myrtle base, mint, laureI, rosemary, sweet bay as well as soap scented with berries.
    They also use the natural materials of the woods (bark, branches and small parts of the trunk) to make and sell handcratted items that are incredibly originaI: coasters, napkin rings, bowls and other items.
    Naturally the guests too, if they wish, can participate in the preparation of some of the typicallocal products. There is no doubt about il: the Parco del Gargano campsite is once again a great choice for your naturist vacation, with the added attraction of the pleasant personality and exquisite hospitality of Signora Maria, her brother Titino and their family. more information at www.naturistgargano.it.
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