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    Naturism in Sardegna

    Of all the Italian islands whether they be large or middle sized, Sardinia is the one with the most pristine nature, even on the coasts which are much less affected by humans than elsewhere. Certainly there are areas with a high density of tourism and conspicuous cement constructions, but there are still many kilometers of free coastline that are still intact.
    Therefore it is an island destined to please many a naturist in the midseason and low season and, if they have a discerning eye.
    There they can enjoy a tolerance level that is unthinkable in other the Italian regions. In fact since the 1960s I have taken a vacation day or almost every year, without ever giving up my naturist practice.
    In the beginning, years ago, free naturism was the easiest thing in the world, even during the high season. This was because of the countless beaches that were virtually deserted and the very tolerant attitude of the Sardinian sheepherders and farmers who we encountered every once in a while, as well as the staff of the various forestry posts or reclamation sites. Nowadays it is not so easy.
    During the high season, unless you have plenty of experience, you need to go either to the -Club LE PEONIE-(0784 935548) in Dorgali (NU), between Olbia and Cala Gonone, or to one of the few -safe- beaches singled out and recommended by the UNI Sardegna (3347759291). However, something new seems to be afoot, but after the many disappointments of the past I prefer to -wait until the balls stop rolling-.
    It is an entirely different situation during the low season (practically the entire school year, more or less from mid- September to mid-June, particularly during the week days).","In May Sardinia is gorgeous... green and blossoming, and the sun is already very hot. The sun and sea stay hot and very inviting throughout October, and the beginning of November. During that time the practice of naturism becomes much easier and safer.
    Certainly not everyone is able to take their vacation during that time, but those who can, especially retirees, should absolutely try this pleasurable and revitalizing experience. The ideal situation to have a camper (with a good -galley-) so you can take advantage of the opportunities you encounter along the way, sometimes even unexpected ones.
    For those who are campers, it is less urgent to make reservations for lots; furthermore campers can park anywhere, it is a common practice and generally does not cause problems.
    For others, especially ones who do not want to complicate their lives, while we await the formation of new naturist facilities on the seaside, in my judgment the beaches that are easiest and most tranquil to enjoy (also because they have a very long history of being frequented by naturists) are the ones to the north of Capo Ferrato (Southeastern Sardinia).
    This favorable stretch of coastline extends all the way up to the long beautiful beach of Feraxi, a few kilometers south of Muravera and also a bit south of the large Coiostrai pond.
    The easiest way to get there by car (or by Camper) to the above mentioned beaches is to reach the village of San Priamo (an important stop for RV vacationers to load up with water) more or less where the state highway Sud Orientale Sarda (S.S.125) leaves the coast to turn inland, cutting across the Simius Peninsula to then head straight to Cagliari.
    In the village of San Priamo, near the public -fontanella- [fountain] you will see a sign with the name FERAXI on it showing the direction to take. Feraxi Beach has fine sand and it is extremely long; it is easy to find a spot sufficiently far from other potential beachgoers.
    Therefore you can remain blissfully undressed. For those who want more privacy and less coexistence textile beachgoers  though far removed and peaceful  I recommend you follow the road, a dirt road, (not suitable for campers but usually practicable by car), which goes up the hill to Capo Ferrato and its lighthouse.
    There you will find several sandy beaches, nestled between the rocks, there are highly suitable for naturism (if the rain has not ruined the road too much, you can go over Capo Ferrato and then go down to Copstra Rei or Ollea Speciosa - Villasimius).
    There are numerous textile campsites or tourist resorts in the area that have bungalows. If you do not want to stay at a textile site, or if you are like me and cannot stand to be -dressed- (not even in briefs) when you are at -home- or on the land near home, I recommend, based on my many years of personal experience, renting a small villa absolutely on the waterfront, at the Villaggio di Cala Pira (12 km north of Villasimius along the coasts).
    Cala Pira was supposed to be built (1980) as a -timeshare- with a -naturist quarter-. Some UNI members (including myself) led by Tom Operti, reserved a timeshare slot. Then, like many other initiatives during that time, it did not end up happening and those who wanted to stay at Cala Pira had to opt for full ownership.
    The other UNI members gradually withdrew but I did not give up and come the since I always go there between September and October, I always continued to -act like a naturist-, living new with my family all the time, not only at home but also in our yard adjacent to the beach. And this occurs without any protests from our neighbors or people transiting on the beach who could not but help see us.
    We usually do not like -beach life- since we much prefer hanging around the garden which overlooks the sea; we enjoy the vegetation, the flowers and the shade of our trees from which we emerge to go directly to the sea, obviously without a bathing suit even if there are other people on.
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