The 3rd Naturist World congress was held in the Centre Helio Marin in Montalivet/Gironde/France on 22nd and 23rd August 1953. The French emphasized the condition that the letters “FNI“ must be added to the letters “INF“, because for the French naturists the name of the organisation was “Fédération Naturisme Internationale“. The name “INTERNATIONAL NATURIST FEDERATION“ was chosen, instead of “World-Union“, as proposed by the Americans. Right from the beginning the trilinguism was fixed, namely English, French and German, based on the order from the 2nd World congress 1952, Albert Lecocq, Dorothy Thornton and Erhard Wächtler had submit¬ted complete proposals for the “Constitution and Rules“. A – provisional – final refinement had been made to these Statutes. Those days Europe still was split into 4 occupation zones, communication and travel beyond bor¬ders were impeded by customs barriers and visa; order and economy were barely kept alive by the “Marshall plan“.
At the time of the founding meeting in Montalivet, the French transport services (Post, telegraph, railways...) were on strike, and this during seven full weeks. Yet, people came by airplane, private car and by hitch hike: delegates and accompanying persons from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and USA, and of course the French hosts. As first President the Assembly elected the Austrian Delegate of the IG, Dr. Richard Ehrmann, Vienna, for three years.
Albert Lecocq/France, Erhard Wächtler/Germany, Eduard Frankhauser/Switzerland and Dorothy Thornton/Great Britain became Vice-presidents. The President appointed Paul Neumann as his Secretary and Ludwig Hruschka as INF Treasurer. It had been decided that for the financing of the INF-FNI the Member Nations should pay an annual fee of 1.0.0. Pounds for each beginning 10 of their clubs, the minimum fee being fixed at 1.0.0. Pounds.
As of 1954 an International Membership card should be implemented, (today the INF-card). This Naturist World Congress also defined the tasks for the INF: Representation of supranational interests of the Naturist Movement worldwide, promotion and maintai¬ning relationships between the national federations in the whole world, facilitation of mutual visits as well as clarification and processing of all questions of common interests.
The Congress also passed a „Chart and Protocol“, in which the term of “Naturism“ was explained in detail. It stated here: In order to avoid any misunderstanding of the term “Naturism“, following definition was adopted: Naturism stands for the entity of all rules, aiming to help people to live a natural life. Naturism also is a synthe¬sis of ideas and methods to search for an ideal of beauty, for truth and freedom for all people, regardless of race.
Naturism seeks a harmonious balance for everybody, in all sectors: physical, mental, etc... It is intere¬sted in every social reform, which enhances the situation of individual persons and their mutual relations.


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