4th -  1954, Lobau, Vienna, Austria
35 countries were represented at the INF, but in various forms. For this reason the Congress decided to divide the various types of memberships in specific categories. After an extended discussion following reg¬ulation was implemented:

  • Category A includes solidly established, larger country organizations;
  • Category B comprises all other groups or organizations in one country, which however must accept that an A Member of the same country has the right to officially represent this country at the INF World Congresses. Finally,
  • Category C includes all groups or clubs of those countries where naturism is for¬bidden, besides single persons or correspondents from countries, where naturist organizations do not yet exist.

According to this categorization the INF included following members in 1954:

  • 10 A-Members,
  • 9 B-Members
  • 16 C-Members.

The lectures during this Congress brought many valuable thoughts and several new points of view, the discussions gave insight to the ideas of other people, and the country reports were valuable and produced many insights.
Yet, words and ideas remained within their own cycles! Nobody talked to the outer world, the understanding, questioning and also misunderstanding world.
Publicity was still missing. In retro¬spect, Ise Dissen wrote following about this congress: „Vienna 1954! We travelled to Vienna with great enthusiasm – everything still was fresh and new. OUR INF was only 1 year old! All of us were fully pas¬sionate, about all what we had achieved – and the friends in Vienna about the international guests. We felt being a large family - which indeed we were! As at those days the INF still had no money, we were lodging at the members of the Vienna Naturist Organisation, it was a great pleasure and cheerfulness.
And all of Vienna seemed to be a large naturist family! As we all bore a name badge, we met friends everywhere, on the roads, in the tramways, and of course on the ferries crossing the Danube.“


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