The experiences of male and female naturists-2014

The experiences of male and female naturists

There is a difference in the experience of naturism between men and women.
This is because of the difference of nature between the sexes..The experience of the male naturist is a much simpler one then that of the female naturist. A  man does not have the psychological complexity of a woman.
The image of a woman is endowed by the nature of the sexual polarity that is called ‘femininity’, which is a mixture of charm, beauty and mystery. This is what makes a woman desirable to a man. A woman is anatomically, psychologically and functionally responsible for giving life to a new generation. There for it is not wrong to say that a woman is ‘the nature par excellence. So much so that the  nature of the vulva itself is a symbol for birth, new life and the joy of living. Lets say the threshold  of what is about to be born. , the meaning of life itself. The word nature derives from  ‘NASCOR’, which, in addition to being born, stands for ‘that what becomes’.
In everyday life, for instance in the textile world, women are afraid to show themselves naked. This is an unconcious defence against male aggression., which derives from antropology. It is , in short, sort of an unconcious awareness of the risks and dangers inherent to the carefree sexual aggresiveness of males.
If we question any woman who has lived or is living the naturist experience, they will tell us that they only feel safe to show there nakedness  in the centre of naturism.  This ‘security’ uncounciously  lowers the defence barrier. This is the cultural force of naturism: A woman feels more safe naked in the naturist world then dressed in the textile world. This consideration would be enough to understand that an ideological revival of naturism is still possible, despite  the fact that the western culture is experiencing a period of cultural decline, due to several internal and external factors (crisis of the founding values of our civilization and creeping penetration of other cultures ,that question these values.)
The radical vision of a womans body changes when stripped of all malice and any hint of destortion.That is also the reason a woman feels that she has notion to fear from a man, especially when the man is also naked.This does not mean that being naked eliminates the healthy erotic charge. The sexual instict is provided by nature, whithout it there would be no  propagation.
The true meaning of naturism is to highlight the importance of overcomming that feeling of fear that affects the relationship between men and women: The male being the potential attacker and the female being the potential victim and therefore always being in defence. Naturism stands for living in harmony with nature, which means not only to respect our habitat, but also to respect the human nature , with the different sexual identity of men and women. . On the female side there is no shame being naked and on the male side there is no spirit of aggression. The textile world has come to affect the normal relationship of coexistence between sexes


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