In front of David-2000

In front of David

Many years ago, while travelling through Greece, I happened to visit a few museums where both male and female ancient statues were on show.
I was amazed by the beauty of those bodies, completely naked: they weren't showing powerful muscles, but a marvellous equilibrium between phisical force and form armony showed through them. I remember my astonishment when our guide said that those athletes used to play their games naked, in the stadiums.
A few years later, while visiting the museum of Reggio Calabria I run into the "Bronzi di Riace". These statues where of a different workmanship, and they had different tallness and musculature with respect to the classic ones; nevertheless naked Some female visitors pointed out, joking, that the "attributes" were not exceptional. Recently, at the Academy of Florence i found among a number of masterpieces, Michelangelo's Davie!, which I had admired in the past already.
That tall and well-proportioned hunk, with his well exposed genitals, gives ofJ such a ring offorce and harmony that it's impossible to be left cold. Why did I tell you these sensations from the past, but stili live in my mind? Because, connected to them, some thoughts cross my mine!, and l'd like to share them with you, on this naturist magazine.
First of all what does it mean being naked? It means being as we were born, as we are when we wash or take our clothes of in front of the doctor, or even when we undress in our love intimacy. Obviously it is non the same "nakedness" of the models or the "hired". Where's the difference? To understand, it's sufficient a glance to the calendars crowding the news stands at the New Year, or a look to a fashion magazine (where the fabric is of secondary importance, with respect to what il doesn't cover).
The answer for me is very simple: there's nude and nude, that is there's nature and there is offer. This said, it's clear why we naturists practice nudism. There's in us a deep wish to adhere totally to the nature surrounding us, to feel plunged in it with body and soul.
That's why we are fervid environment supporters, against hunting and pollution, that's why we love outdoors life and we feel brothers ofall mankind on the earth. In front of nudity all the differences fade away. Then I ask why does the society judges nudism improper? 1fnot a crime? I can't find an answer to this question other than a wrong interpretation of the phenomenon. In the past somebody wrote that "everything is pure for whom is pure": nowadays, certainly, mankind has lost its spontaneity and ease of behaviour.
Perhaps we should not undervalue the exasperated importance that churches give to the commandment "don't make impure acts", But here we enter a field where i feel ignorant and inadequate. This is the reason why I carry on being a naturist like ali the readers of this magazine.


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