Naturism in europe 3-2002

Naturism in europe 3

Koversada was only the beginning of an explosion which has made Yugoslavia unique.
Now there are forty-three designated nudist holiday centres, alI ofthem beautifulIy appointed - and still the cheapest in the world.
Naked sunbathing and swimming have spread far beyond the confines of the holiday centres. Anywhere on the Yugoslav coast you can come across naked people. Only in the towns and villages and near hotels is it expected, out of consideration for the textiles, that you should wear a bathing costume.
The freedom to swim naked or not, as you please, attracts millions of European holidaymakers - not just nudists. Tens of millions of pounds now pour into Yugoslavia every year: a windfaIl which was there for the taking by the first Mediterranean country to spot the trend and cherish the goose which lays the golden eggs.
Recently a Yugoslav tourist officia I made so bold as to justify his country's policy on politicaI grounds: 'Naturism and SociaIism are both concerned with the freedom of the individual: he proudly maintained, neglecting, conveniently perhaps, the text-book capitalism which brought it all about.
ltaly, with the Vatican breathing down its neck, is unable to compete. Greece cautiously put the brakes on before its GeneralElection in 1981. Spainis tip-toeing gingerlyahead and there are now three nudist holiday centres on the mainland. Only France is in serious competition with Yugoslavia. It has seventeen officiaI naturiste beaches and dozens more where nudity is practised; forty inland clubs which cater for tourists and nudist resorts dotted all aIong the east coast of Corsica.
The wave of permissiveness, heralded by the Beatles and Flower Power which swept away the cobwebs of the fifties, did not pass Denmark by. Copenhagen, like Amsterdam, became a byword for pomography, not because the Danes are especially sinful but because sexuaIity and the human body seem less traumatic to them than to the children of a Victorian ancestry or the faithful of the Roman Catholic Church. The Danes are a practicaI people. If they see something which they like but don't have, they set about securing it.
The nudists of Denmark saw what they wanted in Yugoslavia and France. Many of them took holidays there and resolved that it was time to have a little bit of freedom a little nearer home.


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