Nude + 1-2005

Nude + 1

My coffee table is a glass table. Not only dangerous for small children because of the sharp corners, but in a way dangerous for adults as well.
A glass table offers the possibility to unobtrusively display some naturist magazines. More often than not, these turn out to be irresistibly attractive for my visitors. I often notice that the neat pile has been rummaged through.
My wife is from Asia and therefore we frequently have Asian visitors. Our Asian visitors are the most surprised: this is not Playboy or pornography, and neither is it a medicai textbook. So, I have to explain: what is naturism? That is not so easy. It is obvious that nudity forms an intrinsic part of naturism. Without nudity no naturism, or would there be? The nudity my friends observe is "different ". Plain, natural, matter-of-fact, "no malice ", as my visitors say. It is an eyeopener for most.
Ah, this is what a normal body looks like. No so-called perfection, but human life. Most pictures in my magazines have more than one person photographed. My visitors conclude that this "naturism" is different from what they know. They often make a small mistake and cali us naturalists, but I quickly correct that, a naturalist is someone who adores nature, goes out to determine plant species and the like, not someone who lqves to do that without a stitch on! But it is a group activity. Naturism at its best is convivial, a social evento One is not alone.
Is it purely the nudity, that is important, my visitors ask me? My answer is: nudity is an intrinsic part of naturism, but there is more to naturism than just nudity. Nudity is the core around which we need other elements: conviviality, being close to nature, and maybe one more elemento I then go back in the conversation with my visitors, and remind them what they just had observed themselves: normal bodies, not fashion models. These quite normal bodies command respect. My visitors don't laugh when they see those pictures.
They are also not ashamed when they see them. They show respect. Apparently, these pictures command respect. So, there we are: naturism also implies respect. For other people and for oneself Naturism is nudity + something extra, my friends conclude. I cannot disagree with them.
But sometimes they stili have a little doubt and then they ask me: So you have to go in the nude? I answer: Yes, nudity is what binds us It sounds paradoxical, but it is that freedom that binds uso Naturism does not always have to be a nude activity, after ali the board meetings of my club are not held in the nude, nor do I go nude in the house ali the time, but if the nudity is absent altogether, we stop being naturists. Just love for nature is not enough to become a naturist. It is also accepting the way your body is, enjoying the wind and water on your body your naked body that is - and enjoying that in the company of others. More often than not, my visitors want to try our naturism.
They frequently come home quite elated from the shared experience. Something unexpected. Was it love for nature that brought about this euphoria? No, it was the communal nudity, men and women, grandfathers and grandmothers, parents and their young children. The naturalness of it ali! Nudity + I, nudity with a little plus, with something extra. I have decided to keep my glass cojJee table. Dangerous as it may be, but oh so nice!


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