FENAIT wants to be stronger-2008

FENAIT wants to be stronger

This title concisely expresses the determination of the FENAIT Steering Committee which met on Sunday 16 November at the CLUB LE BETULLE of LA CASSA.
The magnificent autumn colors, framed by a blue sky, cheered up the day. After years of discussions that we consider necessary for creating a federal consciousness, during the last two meetings, in June at TERRANERA and the last one at the BETULLE, the delegates reaffirmed their desire to continue having a strong federation supported by the associations and lands as essential strongholds for the development of our movement. The participants were the heads of the ANITA and the UNI, the two largest Italian associations.
The ANITA firmly asserted its federal intentions and without particular conditions while the UNI lamented its overload of work in sustaining the FENAIT. After exploring various possibilities with all the participants, the councilors stated their intention to maintain the current organization while also affirming their aspiration to form new organizational frameworks in the near future that can give a fresh drive to federal development.
A priority concern of all the partners is their organizational commitment to the World Congress of 2010 in Calabria at PIZZO GRECO. Naturist Italy is being appointed for the first time since the foundation of the INF (International Naturist Federation) in 1951.


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