World Naturist Day-2009

World Naturist Day

World Naturist Day.
An appeal to the Ministry of Tourism: are you interested in receiving 60 million tourists?
On the occasion of World Naturist Day (the first Sunday of June) we appeal to the Ministry of Tourism to get naturism becomes regulated and protected by the law as it has been in other countries of Europe and rest of the world. In Italy the Supreme Court jurisprudence has decided to legalize naturism in places where it is customarily practiced, and to consider full-bodied nudism criminally insignificant if practiced on secluded beaches frequented by naturists only.
The Court even states that naturism should be considered an expression of individual freedom that that it may be based on hygienist beliefs. However, Article 726 of the criminal law code applies pecuniary penalties to "anyone who commits acts against public decency in a public place or open spaces exposed to the public ".
This wording is vague and gives rise to misunderstandings and misinterpretations. There have been many cases where of police intervention in to stop naturism, and judges have issued orders against its practice.
These episodes occur regularly, as reported in summer news stories.


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