First Naturist Bikers Rally-2010

First Naturist Bikers Rally

Le Betulle is planning for 3 and 4 July 2010 The First Italian Bikers Rally for naturists only.
The rally is reserved to couples registered at one of the Naturists Associations belonging to the FENAIT, who have paid their motorcycle registration for the year in course. You will have to show your membership card during registration.
The meeting place will be Camping Club It is recommended that you write us, without committing yourself, if you would like to receive a confirmation or be informed of any changes before the rally, information or reservations for participation to: bikernaturist@gmail.com or a info@lebetulle.org PROGRAM: Saturday 3 July, arrival of participants, Registration, sunbathing beside the swimming pool. The dinner based on a mega grill of meat and vegetables with local wine.
A dance party will be held in the evening. Sunday 4 July at 9:30 AM the engines start running…. an excursion into the Langhe Hills with a lunch in a restaurant serving local cuisine, a panoramic ride around the Turin Hills, overlook of the city of Turin from Superga. Opening dinner. Monday 5 July return home.
Obviously those who are fortunate enough can take a few more days of vacation to take advantage of the opportunity of the advantageous prices stipulated for the rally event.


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