World Naturist Convention 2010-2010

World Naturist Convention 2010

weeks left until the World Naturist Convention 2010 organized by the INF-FNI in Calabria on the island of Capo Rizzuto in the province of Crotone at the Camping Village Club PIZZO GRECO. The idea to hold the Convention in Italy has been considered for a long time, but only in 2005 did FENAIT and PIZZO GRECO find the courage to commit themselves. It was accepted and ratified at the World Convention 2008 in Brazil at TAMBABA. The Brazilian Federation (FBN) passed us the baton. What is it and what do we do with it? These were the first questions we asked ourselves. Today some of the first ideas have already become a reality at Pizzo Greco: A magnificent gathering of mobile homes worthy of the best European naturist facilities was realized. It will host the delegates of the 30 federations attending the Convention and will certainly be appreciated by the naturists who go on vacation at Pizzo Greco. In the meantime, meetings were held to plan the organization of the Convention. The first meeting dates back to May 2009 and it was attended by representatives of Pizzo Greco and the Italian Federation; the second meeting was held in June in Turin and was attended by the representatives of the International Federation, which is organizing the upcoming Convention. Lastly, in September the definitive meeting was held at Pizzo Greco with the participation of the supervisors of INFFNI, PIZZO GRECO and FENAIT. During that meeting the economic and organizational commitments were countersigned. In the meantime news of the convention has spread amongst Italian naturists; after the first reactions of curiosity and enthusiasm, we saw an unambiguous desire to participate. Among the various comments we heard that how the Convention will raise awareness about Italian nature is. And what are the associations doing? They are working to make the Convention become participative and interesting. Infected during the last meeting of the CD FENAIT in March a work group was set up which has already made concrete proposals. Considering that the Convention is a work. For the delegates of the Federation, that the issues discussed will be in some cases very specific and that, though one can attend, not everyone can intervene directly, here is the idea: organize alongside the Convention roundtables which can be attended by everyone who registers. Then the possibility to speak will be guaranteed. The roundtables will be guided by the Association of supervisors and the delegates and supervisors of the Central INF-FNI Committee will also be invited. Here are some of the issues proposed which are being examined by the associations: 1. Coexistence between ethical naturism and commercial naturism (why become a member - naturism from the point of view of naturist facilities - the purposes of the Federation and the associations - spontaneous groups/self-organized groups - Internet communities); 2. Naturism and vegetarianism (what does it mean to be a vegetarian - why should one become a vegetarian - the effects of factory farming on the environment and on our health); 3. The naturist experience seen by men and by women: discussing and determining the possible differences in gender in terms of the way one approaches and experiences naturism. 4. Young people in the naturist world. 5. Diversity in the naturist world: the definition of the absolute concept of beautiful/ugly, with respect to diversity intended as different sexual orientation, otherly-abled persons), age differences, different appearances (piercings and tattoos). 6. Naturism as an instrument for getting to know oneself and others -- how do you relate to your own nudity -- overcoming the competitive model and promoting the cooperative model. 7. Naturist tourism in Italy, an opportunity for development! -- Comparing experiences in Italy with those in the rest of Europe. 8. Naturism and the case of stereotypes versus reality, how to manage relations with the mass media - examples of proper/ improper representation of naturism to the public. 9. How to approach the greater public to spread the naturist concept. These are interesting topics and overall they demonstrate the extent to which the naturist philosophy can be disseminated. And let us also remember the existing bibliography about our movement. So the Convention promises to be lively and interesting. I hope many of you will be celebrating this moment that will make us feel united to each other and to all the naturists coming from other countries. Further updates will be published in the next issue of INFONaturista.


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