32° World Naturist Congress  - Press notes on Elisabetta Zamparutti-2010

32° World Naturist Congress - Press notes on Elisabetta Zamparutti

"I appreciate the choice of Italy as the venue for the 32nd World Naturism Congress because it is also an opportunity for our country to decide to be a little bit more European and little bit less provincial. We find ourselves too often having to go abroad to exercise freedom, for example the freedom of healthcare, an issue radicals have been particularly dedicated to, but also the practice of naturism".
"There are many reasons that led me to present the bill “ .
Provisions for acknowledging and regulating the practice of naturism”:
one is the opportunities it offers in the way of tourism, a big source of revenue that has always avoided our country;
another is the need to fill a legislative gap that makes us the caboose of Europe regarding laws on naturism and nudism, the latter being part of naturism.
The most important reason of all is the desire to promote ways to achieve a balance with nature, which is what naturism is all about. As in all forms and manifestations of nonviolence, something about naturism causes fear in some people.
They want to get rid of it because it is extraneous to a world that commits violence, coercive relationships, the strong point of our society. On the contrary, naturism, by the definition you give it in your congress manifesto, helps foster forms of coexistence in the spirit of harmony with ourselves and with the world we live in.
And this is the prospect of a future society that is truly civilized". "I am convinced that your Congress will engender important points of view for the continuation of our shared battle and this is why I would like to wish you success and enjoyment in your work here". Who is: Elisabetta Zamparutti Radical Deputy on the Commission for the Environment.
Born in Cermes (BZ) 1 October 1964 Holds a Degree in Jurisprudence; Party Leader, Treasurer of the Italian Radicals and the Association 'Nessuno tocchi Caino' Elected in the XXII constituency (Basilicata) Proclaimed on 23 April 2008 Election validated on 18 December 2008 Registered in the Parliamentary Group of the Democratic Party since 05/05/2008


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