Tournoi de Pétanque FNI-ENC 2014 à Ossendrecht-2014

Tournoi de Pétanque FNI-ENC 2014 à Ossendrecht

The INF-ENC Pétanque tournament was again a very successful event.

Conducted by Paul and Thomas, almost 50 assistants took care of the welfare of athletes, assistants and supporters. Following federations were present: BN (22); DFK (24); FBN (20); FFN (30); NFN (30) and UNSSNU (2). With the group leaders, companions and helpers about 195 people.

Guy, with his computer, provided a smoothly running of the tournament. As promised by Paul, the beautiful weather was present. No precipitations during these 2 days with plenty of sunshine and an air temperature exceeding 20°. The food was good and prepared by them with much love and work.

The draw on Fridayevening took too much time. After the welcome greetings from Paul (FBN) and Erika (ENC), the tournament started with the group games. After lunch break, we continued with respectively two playoff games in the groups A and B. Following a refreshing pause for the participants, they were received in the evening with a 5-course menu. The day ended with dance and music for the last ones around 1 o'clock in the early morning.

The quarterfinals started on Sunday morning after breakfast. In an exciting and sometimes frightening battle during the quarter- and semi-finals, Rüdiger & Andrea and Achim & Uschi, all members of DFK, reached the final. Unfortunately, Achim & Uschi did not regain their usual form and were defeated by Rüdiger & Andrea, the latter two reaching the final. The unofficial “ Final MVP” (most valuable player) was clearly won by Andrea.

The contest for the 3rd place was won by Eugen & Elke from the DFK. The “ B” tournament was won by Serge & Nicole (FFN) ahead of Ludo & Lisbeth (FBN) and Boudewijn & Jopie (NFN). With the price giving, a tournament played with a lot of harmony and humour was closed.

Erika (also responsible for DFK sports) invited all the teams to come to Germany in 2015. Date and organizer are yet to be fixed and will be communicated in due time by EuNatCom. To conclude, the organizer even offered a glass of champagne or juice. And last, but not least, a big "Thank you" to the staff of the Athena assistants.


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