Rosenfelder Strand 2014-2015

Rosenfelder Strand 2014

Rosenfelder Strand 2014 The “active” may come back Naturism - family leisure activity «Mee(h)r erleben » is a living image of naturism. What is «Mee(h)r erleben» in 2014?

These are many varied programs, the joy of naturism and especially the community and the many meetings that have characterized «Mee(h)r erleben» as a family gathering on the Rosenfelde beach at the Grube village in «Schleswig-Holstein».

Under the umbrella of the International Naturist Federation (INF), the German Association for Free Body Culture (DFK) and Sports Association of the Families of the region of North Rhine-Westphalia (FSG NW), naturist all over Germany, but also many other countries have felt comfortable. «We were able to welcome 511 participants at the Baltic Sea, 438 of which were actively involved», as summarized by Günther Hedderich as organizer during his final speech in the evening.

He again invited all active participants for the Rosenfelde event in 2015 and once again clarified that this event could not tke place without the active contribution of all participants.

Thus, we arrive at the moderate price for this family gathering. «Mee(h)r erleben» defies all the negative comments about the current continuation of naturism and shows that the German naturism is alive and wel.
Especially young families have the opportunity to learn the variety of naturist offers and to enjoy the family leisure time. A record participation was noticed for the 5th naturist race. With 192 naked sportsmen and women, this exceeds all sports events organized until now by Franz Dirscherl. Whether for walking, Nordic walking or running, fans of all ages are looking to compete in 5000 and 10000 meters runs. «I am always amazed to see at what pain people are exposed to attend the naturist race», said Franz Dirscherl with an enthusiastic voice.

Runners arrive at the Baltic Sea from various European countries, but also from the United States. Runners who wanted to walk naked through the countryside had the opportunity to meet at « Mee(h)r erleben » Nicole Wunram, pioneer of naked runs.

With 61 runners, she has completed the + 6 km run around the naturist camp. « I always like to feel the Baltic Sea breeze caressing my skin » was not only a specific Nicole Wunram reaction. The «new clothes» of the emperor was the subject of a Body Painting session.

Building sand castles enriched the creativity of young participants. Yes, the enthusiasm among the participants was simply perfect. «We all know each other and we look forward to meet again» was the conclusion of many naturist while closing the event.

They all hope that the meeting retains its living character. It could be that the multitude of programs is increased so as to provide an even richer variety.


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