Amsterdan Naturist Youth meeteng-2016

Amsterdan Naturist Youth meeteng

Logbook of a utopia became a reality Valentina Scarozza
Just long enough to put down the backpack, clean the sleeping bag, resume almost winter clothes and start to think of this four-day experience in the Low Countries just ended.

I'm talking about the annual Spring Rally which brings together all the younger members of the various European naturist associations.

A gathering of seventy boys, four of which Italians from Lazio and Campania in a camp north of Amsterdam.
We started on May 5 from Rome and Naples with four different flights, even without knowing us, and we met in the center of Amsterdam, to be shortly after the camp Zon en Leven Gravingen to where we were greeted by the same playful atmosphere that accompanied us for every day.

Four sunny days, extraordinarily hot for the Netherlands, outdoor games, swimming pool, sauna, visit to Amsterdam,music and relax ... all the time, but not necessarily, in the nude version.
If someone were to ask me how I remember I came home, I would answer: with the feeling of serenity, sharing and freedom known to the rally.

A way of living the nudity that is often difficult to achieve for the boys, in this cultural moment, then, when there seems to be a return to the possessive relationships, jealousy and embarrassment of his own body.
The camp managers have told us to be proud of having hosted, and that young people are the future of  naturism.

Here, I believe, looking to my peers, that instead naturism is the future of young people.


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