Spring meeting FENAIT-2016

Spring meeting FENAIT

Andalo Trentino 15-17 April
The idea to find us in Andalo hotel ADLER and Pools AcquaIN Center was born because in 21 to 23 October, in the two facilities will European naturist swimmers to participate in the GALA SWIMMING INF 2016.

The purpose of the Meeting of Spring was to assess whether the Italian naturist swimmers would participate in the initiative and if, with enthusiasm, they planned their participation at the event in October.

What happened was the complete satisfaction! The welcome at 'ADLER hotel and the magnificent pools AcquaIN Center have shown that the choice of Andalo for October INF2016 meeting was a good choice for the event in Italy, the third after the first two, made the Collection pool of Turin.

In the magnificent pool dell'AcquaIN the number of participants in the Meeting swimmers FENAIT Spring was more than satisfactory! To the side of the swimming competitions it took place also a Aufguss-meister competition that has allowed to relax in the sauna after the races were held in the morning on Saturday.

The names of tenderers to 50mt selected based on the age you find them on magazine Infonaturista and on e-books available for all members INF-FENAIT.....


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