Nature and Naturism-1999

Nature and Naturism

When naturism meets nature one realizes the value of the naturist ideas and the possibility of spreading the naturist message. We should not only speak about simpie nudism but nudity as a way to restore the contacts interrupted by atavistic cuiturai errors regarding our bodies and Mother Nature. That umbilicail cord between the mother and child is severed at birth but continues in the form of another type of bond that is no iess resistant and enduring: the bond to Mother Nature. As we have discovered, this bond, known as -the cosmic umbilicai cord-, is never severed. We can feel it when we shed our clothes in the -belly- oft hat which the ancients called the Great Goddess or Great Mother. We would like to talk about two piaces where we can practice free and wild nudism, and expiain in a few words the concept of -cosmic umbilical cord-. The first piace is the Ponte della Becca, an enchanted piace where the Ticino empties into the Po. It is the ideai piace to come into contact, with nature, reai nature, sometimes hostile sometimes fascinating in its mystery. It is especially the ideai piace to re-establish the bond between two entities, human being and nature being, separated by a cuiturai error (remember the Victorian era), but which are actually One. To reclaim that bond the naturists -Amici dei Sabbione- dive enthusiastically into nature every Sunday after waiking over rough terrain, first on the dirt road then on a discontinuous country road reminiscent of the ancient cattle-tracks of D'Annunzian fame. Then there are two dirt tracks that end at the river, the Great Father that awaits us with the silence of his oxbow lakes, the eddies of his groins, the soft curve of his bights, the lazy and majestic flow of his current. Every Sunday, as in a giant embrace and reunion, Our Mother Nature, takes us in like lost children who have been Jound again through the -mediation- of the great river. Through the practice of nudity we show her our understanding that the only way to be in her presence is nude. And in the certainty of this awareness we undress as rapidly as possible so she will Forgive us of the offense ofwearing clothes. We do this with the discretion that is typical of naturists, but also respecting that it is a necessary condition For being in the midst of Her Majesty, Nature. So finally, For one day a week we can hear natural unadulterated sounds, and notice with pleasant surprise and childlike curiosity, the incredible difference between these sounds and the noise of the city. The latter is an intolerable hubbub and clamor while the natural sounds seem so gentle and persuasive and allow us to establish an indispensable contact with the primordial elements, a contact that on the other days is impossible to establish due to the terrible urbanization and nightmarish traffic, a pair that is harmJul to our psychophysical health. And thanks to this rediscovered connection to the Great Mother, the Amici del Sabbione For one day, only one day unfortunately, truly Jeel at ease not only because we are nude but also because we Jeel perfectly integrated within the jluvial scenario that is immense and solemn. While it allows us to personally touch the infinite proportions of our humanness, it also allows us to Jeel like we -own- this scorching sandy land that accommodates uso Through the contact between our epidermis and the scorching sand, we rediscover our natural body, the body that has been so mistreated by the improper use of clothing, embalmed in the diving suit of hypocrisy. And to think that the body is being totally denied in certain cultures stili today (under the burka,For example). The other pIace is Brussa beach in the Veneto region. It has the same requisites of wild naturism that Ponte della Becca has, that allow our -wild- personalities to come out and play. Brussa beach is located between the well-known fashionable resorts of Bibione and Caorle. It is a true naturist paradise that has been pre


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