What is the sense in wandering around naked?-2000

What is the sense in wandering around naked?

This is probably the major question for a non-naturist. And it s the same question I put to myself about three years ago, when I was asked to try this experience. Convincing me to enter a naturist site was not an easy task: my nature is quite introverted, and I couldn't really see the benefit of stripping off in front of every body. Only after having tried it did I realise that perhaps one of the most common mistakes is the need of finding at all costs a rational motivation for our choices. I'd like to answer the initial question with some provocation: wandering naked has the same usefulness of collecting coins and stamps or being keen on a hobby. One is no longer concealed by garments: we show what we really are. Thus even relations are born out when the external aspect is secondary. This said, I don't mean that naturism is a heavenly world, but it is surely a context where some everyday taboos loose the reason for their existence. These considerations pushed me to subscribe to membership of a naturist association . The environment itself, its familiarity and the lack of some prejudices: this is the sense of naturism, in my opinion. These few lines. through my personal experience, are an attempt to answer some of the doubts I had before joining FENAIT (ltalian Naturist Federation). Nevertheless the subject is really wide, and il will be interesting to develop it in the next issues of Info Naturista, where weIl try to collect the more common or curious questions we have been asked by nonnaturists. Perhaps only listening to non members opinions will it be easier to understand why Naturism in ltaly is still wrapped in a halo of mystery and still a victim of so many reserves.


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