Naturism in Europe prospects for Italy-2005

Naturism in Europe prospects for Italy

Organized by the FENAIT and the Special Commission on Tourism of Rome, ami scheduled For Saturday, 29 January 2005, at the Province of Rome, the international convention on naturism will represent an important moment For thought and planning on the future of naturism in our country.
It is no coincidence that the Convention is being held in Rome because that is where the first offidal naturist beach was created, upon the initiative of a loeal administration.
Starting with the speeches of the top management of the INF on the history and current situation of naturism in Europe, where for years there have been hundreds upon hundreds of facilities and beaches destined to naturism and frequented by millions of people, the Convention will represent a moment of fruitful work toward determining the procedures for finally leading our country to a similar development of Jacilities and places destined to naturism to reach this goal, we will be depending a great deal on the work of the Parliamentary presenters of the Naturism Bills whom we have invited them to the Convention.
We would like to point out how urgent it is For Italy to rapidly adapt to the other countries of the Mediterranean which, like France, Spain and Croatia, are seeing major flows of naturist tourists, with the resulting economie benefits, as the consequence of their existing naturist structures.","There have been numerous Naturism Bills presented in the Chamber of Deputies. This summer yet another Bill was presented by Deputy Franco Grillini, after the other Bills were signed by various political parties, From the Green Party to Forza Italia, from the Margherita to others. However, at the same time repressive actions have continued to strike numerous naturists, including Foreigners, who have been charged in various parts of our peninsula.
 Given the importance of the Convention and the purposes that the same establishes, it will be vital to have as much attendance as possible From naturists From ali over Italy.
At the end of the Convention we will ali meet to have lunch together in a restaurant near the Fontana di Trevi. On that same evening of Saturday 29 January there will also be a naturist meeting at the pool. On the Jollowing day we are organizing a sightseeing tour of the capital and hope to be able to use the red double-decker London buses.


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