On the sidelines of the 32nd World Naturist Congress To express our thanks to Camping Pizzo Greco-2010

On the sidelines of the 32nd World Naturist Congress To express our thanks to Camping Pizzo Greco

32nd WORLD NATURIST CONGRESS INF-FNI On the sidelines of the 32nd World Naturist Congress To express our thanks to Camping “Pizzo Greco”, the entire staff and everyone who collaborated for the success of the event.
We have participated in all the previous congresses, and they were all great. we have no criticisms whatsoever, and nor is it our position to criticize.
Thus said, this was the first Congress in Italy and it was organized by PIZZO GRECO, the INF-FNI and the FENAIT, and we would like to point out that it was impeccable in every way, from the organization to the active participation of everyone read and if we can add to all of this E. atmosphere of convivial serenity and friendship, which are the foundation of all the relationships between people in the naturist world, the desire to have a cultural exchange between the representatives of the federations from all over the world, the diligent pragmatism that served well in solving the problems we encounter as naturists, we have a template of how fruitful the 32nd World Naturist Congress at PIZZO GRECO was and we owe them our sincere gratitude. We have to show, first and foremost, our appreciation for all the staff of the campsite for their kindness and thoughtfulness towards everyone, the Congress goers congressisti and everyone else.
The Italian and foreign guests here were always assisted and served optimally, from the most banal needs to the difficult work of communication, by using the three official languages spoken during the work, French, English and German. Services were remarkably efficient and we would like to give special thanks to the beach snack bar and the camping , to the DJ Nick of Bari who with Mimmo and his daughter gladdened our evenings with their music.
Finally another dutiful commendation plauso for the two excursions organized, one to visit Santa Severina and the other to visit Le Castella, organized fashion for the Congress participants. per i partecipanti al congresso. Santa Severina is a shrine situated in the Piccola Sila, while at Le Castella revisited the Castello Aragonese; in that area is the little island of Ogigia where the goddess Calipso allegedly detained Ulysses for a long time.
The city of Isola Capo Rizzuto, where the PIZZO GRECO campsite is located, was founded by the Japigi (a people originating from North Africa in the vicinity of ancient Carthage) is a tourist resort situated about 20 km from Crotone and 4 km from the seaside. It is part of an area that has a lot of history and culture (Magna Grecia). It has very ancient origins, dating back to around 1200 BCE. Contended for by Rome and Taranto, it was the object of a peace treaty in 304 B.C.E. During the second Punic war (208-202 B.C.E..) It is said that Hannibal, being chased by the Roman armies, had a fortified military camp ice belt air and the watchtower that stood where the mighty Aragonese monument now stands. The name Isola Capo Rizzuto is curious because it is not an island, since it is not completely surrounded by water.
Scholars have come up with three hypotheses, one positing that it was born on the vernacularization of the Latin word “Asyla” (asylum = safe place), which became -isola-. So being together at the Camping “Pizzo Greco”, as part of the 32nd World Naturist Congress was unforgettable from all points of view, as well as a perfidious experience for Italian naturism because the Congress allowed us to make a good impression on the naturist world, as mentioned by the press with its daily news broadcasts that gave attention to this important event.


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