It all started as a joke

"Sergio, why don't we hold the World Congress in Italy... at Pizzo Greco?"- We were driving to Utrecht, it was January of 2005.
"Why not?" Sergio replied.
 Hey, really! When do we propose it to the President of the INF?- The response to our proposal was positive.
So now we should tell Domenico and Mario-. "Of course".
They were perplexed, but after a bit they were enthused by the idea. -But we have to do lots of things, we have to prepare places to sleep, a meeting room and... what about the meals?... for meals there is no problem: in Calabria there's plenty of good food!- The adventure had started: -Organizing the First World Naturist Congress in ITALY-. At the Congress in Spain in 2006 the venue chosen for the next Congress in 2008 was Brazil.
Our candidacy was presented again in Brazil and was accepted. So we started organizing the 2010 Congress and we had to have it ready in two years. Sergio and I were really happy! But we were not the only ones, Pizzo Greco, the FENAIT and INFFNI. The first meetings with Cor, Gianfranco, Sergio, Andrea: how do we go about it!? Then the definitive meeting was held in Pizzo Greco in September in 2009: Cor came with Nancy who has the ability to focus on what needs to be done with a lucidity and conciseness; and Micol is a reliable secretary who carefully takes the minutes of the decisions and is capable of translating them in a short time, while Luisa, Rosita, Lele, Sergio and Gianfranco participated actively at the meetings; simultaneously Domenico, Mario and Anna, watched over us to make sure we had everything we needed during that week of work while it was raining buckets outside. -It had not rained so much in years-! We took the necessary decisions and today we can say that they have been fully implemented and respected.
The Congress is over. There were 22 countries present. There were also the municipal, provincial and regional authorities at the opening and to show their respect and care about our movement and their appreciation of PIZZO GRECO, an important resort for the Calabria region. The works of the Congress produced very positive results for future projections and solved the initial doubts about strategies for European naturism.
The organization set up by PIZZO GRECO was delighted us. Nothing was overlooked, from the magnificent spectacular decorations of the hall, abounding in all the different colors of the flags of the various countries, to the Convention Hall itself which was huge, functional and welcoming. And let's not forget the delicious local cuisine which fully satisfied everyone with the flavors of the Calabria region. The thing that struck me the most is that the staff on duty during the Congress was always positive in every circumstance, focused towards the result.
They were always smiling and willing to help.


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