Naturist Fairs 2010-2010

Naturist Fairs 2010

HOLLANDWe would like to once again thank the Dutch Naturist Federation for their ongoing dedication to the development of Naturism.
One new idea was unpopular with many of us: to organize a fair dedicated only to Naturism (NATURISM TOTAAL) in UTRECHT from 9-12 December 2009.
Incredible! In two days there were 9000 visitors, making this event a huge hit. Exceptionally the Italians had four stands there to represent Naturist Italy: CA’ LE SCOPE, TERRANERA, CAMPING CLASSE and LE BETULLE.
The International Naturist Federation (INF) also had a stand and presented PIZZO GRECO as the venue for the 2010 World Convention in ITALY. There was a huge attendance and the fair was a great success.
We look forward to seeing you at the next fair in December 2010. The second event of the NFN, following the tradition of previous years, was its participation in AKANTIEBEURS from 7-12 January 2010. This fair is huge and exhibitors come from all over the world of tourism. ITALY has always had an enormous stand there divided into its various regions, particularly our part of the country; but we always stop in at the REGIONE PIEMONTE stand when we want to feel at home. Naturist Italia was present at VAKANTIEBEURS with both PIZZO GRECO and LE BETULLE, so perhaps we felt a little bit alone as Italians. However our French friends from OLTRA’ and MONTALIVET stood by our sides with their extremely efficient organization of the NFN which showered everyone with attention and sandwiches! The public attending VAKANTIEBEURS was different from the public at NATURISM TOTAAL. The former included many people who knew nothing about naturism while the latter had large number of naturists. Perhaps ITALY has two different goals. We will return to VAKANTIEBEURS 2011 with the FENAIT to represent all the Italian campgrounds in honor of the Dutch naturists.
The Belgian Naturist Federation, which includes ATHENA and NATURPUUR once again attended the vacation trade fairs of BRUSSELS and ANTWERP. Our Belgian friends love TALY and many of them come to our naturist campgrounds to spend their vacations. We would like to thank the friends of the FBN who distributed the brochures of our campground facilities to the trade fair visitors. Moreover, we promise to develop our distribution of their brochures and hand them out to the many Italian naturist campgrounds at future fairs.


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